This project is a collaboration with Aschehoug, one of Norways biggest publisher of books. They sell analog books, and also have a digital “universe” used for creating digital teaching aids for pupils, check it out here. Our project “Spinnvill” is a interactive education game made on big screen that the teacher can use as a class activity. The game activates the students to solve smaller and larger tasks within different themes in “naturfag” (science studies). 

Spinnvill can help the teacher make a fun and varied teaching lesson that motivates the students to learn, reflect and create different solutions. Spinnvill is a perfect balance of an analog and digital game, since it's on screen but requires physical presence and human connection within the different teams. The students projects will be collected in a class library, where they can go for repetition of pensum and the teacher can go to get an insight in the kids depth of understanding the theme. 

The first video shows what the kids see on the screen and how the game is played in the classroom. The second video shows how the whole process of the game is going from the start to the end. 

To see more of my school work in UX-design, please check out my tumblr here.
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