LAMPARA - the most evocative disco lamp to date.
Lampara came to life through the blue ocean method. A form based on a product of our choice that is already on the market. This product becomes the baseline in the form, which consists of a number of scores/points where the product should have som sort of influence. The goal is to increase or decrease on the scores where you see a potential to upgrade the product as a whole. For our product, we chose the existing ‘disco-lamp’, that a lot of us have seen or even owned as small children or young adults. We wanted to make something that people wold be willing to invest in, that also focuses on innovation and what is current, and our answer to this is a lamp you build with a limited set of different parts. You can add different textures to each part - creating a evocative and far more esthetically pleasing lamp than its ancestor. LAMPARAs’ purpose is innumerable besides being used for disco and playtime, only the imagination sets the limits!
Above is the lamp in its physical form,

under is renderings of the lamp: 
Here is an overview of all the parts that the costumer can buy to create their dream lamp. We included all the parts, also the base and the top.
Video of the lamp in action!
 Here is an example of my digital sketches in the early stage of the Lampara-project: 
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