Amalie and I had a collaboration with Oslo Bysykkel, which is a subscription-based bike-rental service in Oslo. We studied the open data and found out that we want to focus on the distribution of the bikes in the different parts of the city. What our research showed us is that most of the bikes end up in the center of Oslo while there are plenty of empty bicycle rack stations outside of the city center. Thats mostly because Oslo goes downhill into the center and people prefer to bike downhill instead of uphill. We wanted to change that trend. 
We came up with this idea that we could make commercials on the different bicycle rack- stations of things you could do in those areas with less bike activity. Through coding, the places with less biking activity will pop up more frequently on the screens. We did that to engage people to use the city better and discover new activities in our lovely city.
Here is a example of how we wanted it to look like. This is from "Arendalsgata" station in Sagene bydel.
Here is a GIF of the different illustration we used on the different stations. We found some of the least popular stations in Oslo and found lovely activities the area provided nearby. Activities like tennis-fields, wine-bars and popular flower-stores.
This is an overview of the different bike-stations on a random day of the week. The number show how many bikes they have available on the station. 
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