I currently work as the Head of Design ’verse gallery in Oslo. As the Head of Design I am responsible for design-related work, from creating our visual identity to post on social media and make reels. ’verse gallery is located in Pilestredet, Oslo.
Under are reels I made on Instagram of the different events we have had.
The first video is from our stand at Oslo Negativ where we exibited two photographers: Olav Stubberud and Khalid Shatta. Our second reel is from a event we had with Norwegian Cultural Center, and our third reel is video made to try to inspire people to visit the gallery in the summer vacation! 
The reels are also possible to see on instagram, click here

Under is some brochures I made for the different exhibitions we have had the past year. I have printed each one of them out physical to the events. 

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